VS-800 Tractor

VS 800


This 4-Wheel-Tractor with small outside dimensions an extremely small turning circle can deal trailer loads up to 10to. This vehicle is designed for the usage at production or logistic areas with tight spaces. 

The vehicle can be customized by a huge amount of robust designed supplementary equipment.

The operating distance depends on the chosen battery-capacity and can reach 18 miles

– Steel-Construction (0.2”)

– 2 x Low-Maintenance 48V rotary-current power unit with differential gear

– SE wheels 4.00 x 4 (puncture-proof)

– Adjustable controling unit

– Display for battery-status, counter for operation hours, speedometer, error messager

– On-boars charger with spiral cable (recommended)

– Hydraulic Drum-Brakes on all 4 wheels. Dead-Man-Switch

– Electromangetic brake when vehicle is stopped

Seats with suspension

Signal-horn, emergency-off

Powder coated


Rear View

Heavy Load Trailer

Heavy Load Trailer

Heavy Load Trailer

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