VP-150 Platformvehicle

VP 150



This medium heavyweight 4-wheel pick up model
VP-150 is a versatile general purpose platform. Suspended axles, hydraulic steering unit with extraordinary steering lock makes this model a resilient and easy to handle vehicle.

The vehicle can be customized by a huge amount of robust designed supplementary equipment.

The operating distance depends on the chosen battery-capacity and can reach 22 miles.

– Steel-Construction (0.2”)

– Low-Maintenance 48V rotary-current power unit with differential gear

– Rear-  and Front-Axle Suspension

– Hydraulic Steering Axle

– Adjustable controling unit

– Display for battery-status, counter for operation hours, speedometer, error messager

– On-boars charger with spiral cable (recommended)

– Batterycapacities from 180Ah

– Hydraulic drum-brake mounted at the back wheel axles , dead man switch

– Electromangetic brake when vehicle is stopped

Seats with suspension

Loading area with screen printed plates, weatherproof and with non-slip surface

Signal-horn, emergency-off

Powder coated chassis



Special Construction

Laterally Battery Compartment

Special Construction Trailer

Special Construction



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