Moving Aid

SH 5



The electric moving aids Modells SH 1-5 are modular power/driving units that can be installed on different platforms and industry trolleys by using different mouting-plates.

With this moving aids installed you can move loads up to 1.5 to by walking speed.

The models SH 3-5 are equipped with a recuperating power unit which leads to very good power efficiency 

– Low maintenace 24V power unit

– Longlife High-Performance driving wheel

– Adjustable contact pressure for the driving wheel

– Adjustable Controller
(driving speed, recuperation-power, starting speed, breaking power)

– Ladezustandsanzeige, Betriebsstundenzähler, Geschwindigkeitsanzeige, Fehlermeldung

– Safety eqipment (Emergency-off, Impact-Button with emergency distance-drive, overvoltage- an overheating protection

– AGM oder Li-Batteries from 62Ah



SH1 with Joystick-Steering

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